Hash Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a traditional Chinese gambling game that uses three dice to determine the outcome. Players bet on the total value or specific combinations of the three dice, and if their bet is correct, they win a corresponding prize.

Hash Sic Bo is an improvement on the traditional Sic Bo game using blockchain technology. It utilizes smart contracts to ensure the safety, transparency, and fairness of the game, and operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

To participate in the game, players need to authorize their crypto wallets on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and use USDT (BEP20) to place bets. To authorize their wallet, players need to prepare at least 0.0005 BNB in their crypto wallet, and to place bets, they need at least 10 USDT (BEP20).

Once the bet is placed, players can click the "roll" button. The smart contract automatically deducts the betting amount from the player's wallet and uses the HASH produced by the transaction to determine the outcome. According to the rules, the last three characters of the HASH correspond to the dice values, as follows:

1 = 7 = c = i = o = u

2 = 8 = d = j = p = v

3 = 9 = e = k = q = w

4 = 0 = f = l = r = x

5 = a = g = m = s = y

6 = b = h = n = t = z

The smart contract will determine whether the player has won based on their bet and the HASH. If the player wins, the smart contract will automatically transfer the reward to their authorized cryptocurrency wallet.

Unlike traditional gambling games, Hash Sic Bo does not require players to deposit money into other people's accounts before playing, and there is no risk of being unable to cash in the prize after winning. The game runs on the blockchain, making it impossible to manipulate the HASH, ensuring the fairness and transparency of the outcome.

Try the Hash Sic Bo game and enjoy a safe, transparent, and fair gambling experience powered by blockchain technology!